Mexo is a company that uses only high-quality materials. Highly-qualified experts create technically and aesthetically flawless sofas, module sets and armchairs of different styles. The principles that we follow are: hard work, honesty, discipline, prudence and absolute contract fulfilment.
1. We do not follow the canons of massive production. For us it is quality that goes first and foremost. That is why we make from 5 to 10 sofas a day, which further go through the complete and thorough quality expertise.
2. We use only modern European equipment.
3. All the furniture we produce is 100 % handmade. Experienced experts work throughout the whole production process. Having more than 15 years of experience, our professionals produce furniture of outstanding quality.
4. We use only Italian fabric and leather. We are bound with our suppliers by very old and tight relations and we are sure that the quality of their products is excellent. We fill the settees with highly elastic polyurethane along with additional layers of polyurethane of various thickness and goose feather. We use solid birch, pine and alder as well as multi-layered birch plywood. Settee hangers are made of high-quality elastic straps.
Still, the most important is the sincere dedication to our work, which we put in every single piece of our product.

Mexo was founded in 1998. Studying the history of world furniture production, attending the international textile, furniture and architecture exhibitions helped us to find our own style, while dedicated manual work on every element of our furniture gave the opportunity to get to our current high level of quality, which will always be the most important aspect for our company.


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